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About Us

About Us

Leadership influence is a part of Keasy The Marketing Agency, which is solely focused on personal branding and development. We are here to offer consulting services and to be by your side on your way to success. We will help you grow and reach your potential in order for you to become the best version of yourself. Let’s continue the journey you have started together and reach heights you would never thought possible. Contact us today to see where we can get together.

Our Services

Our Services

Our services are involved around personal coaching and business training.

Personal Coaching

With personal coaching, we will help you stay sharp and on edge to accomplish your goals. Staying consistent and motivated every single day is a difficult task even for elite level professionals. We will empower you with the focus, insights and accountability you need to succeed in your business but also every day life. You will gain clarity, become a more effective leader and stay focused on your goals and objectives.

Business Training

With our business training we will help you gain the results you want from your business. We will help you set clear goals and a plan to achieve them. You will see an increase in revenue, which is one of the top reasons professionals seek business coaching. You will become a better leader by gaining essential skills that will create a roadmap to your success. You will be able to thrive through hard times and be prepared to face any obstacles and conditions that may be found in your way. You will be able to recognize and recruit top talent, a company is as strong as its team, and we will show you how to create one.

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